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Trodden On Vineyard

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About Trodden on Vineyard

Trodden On Vineyard, is a small family run vineyard in Clare Valley.

The property incorporating the vineyard was purchased from the original owners who, due to unfortunate circumstances, neglected the original planted vines.

The established varieties included Pedro Xaminez, Riesling and Bush Shiraz, all of which were planted in the early 1960's and 1970's.

We plan to plant more vines in the near future for upcoming vintages and your ultimate enjoyment.

The original vineyard was renamed "Trodden On Vineyard"

The vineyard is situation approximately two and a half kilometres from Clare in an area known as White Hut.  The vines have been planted running north to south and the vineyard survives on the rain and sunshine that nature provides.  Beside hand pruning all of the vines are dry grown and the grapes are hand picked, as we like to minimise the use of mechanical equipment due to the damage that may be caused to the grapes and the vines.  Delightful views of our vineyard and the surrounding properties are enjoyed year round. 

Our Mission.

Being a family of Epicureans our mission was to produce small quantities of high quality wines displaying distinctive characteristics that would enhance a broad variety of regional and international foods.

To all of you, from all of us at Trodden On Wines - Thank you and Enjoy Your Wine!

Graham Ryan

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